Pi Movement Team

Our team is dedicated to the art of movement, the collaboration of community, and the eternal flow of positive energy. Enter Team20 at checkout for a 20% discount. 

Travis Brewer, Pi Movement Founder

Travis Brewer

  • - Founder of the Positive Impact Movement
  • - Grateful to have performed on shows like American Ninja Warrior, Team Ninja Warrior, Shark Tank.
  • - Passionate about all kinds of movement
  • - Favorite pair of ninja pants are the Magic Carpets


Jay OM

Jay OM

As a movement and anatomy enthusiast, I've always been drawn to different types of physical practices. From a very young age I started practicing different sports and training that followed me until today. From skateboarding, to calisthenics, to yoga. As long as I was moving, I was into it.

After a few years strength training and calisthenics, I found yoga. And that's where everything changed. My body, mind, and heart changed in a very positive way. I was inspired. Today, I strive to give others that inspiration I felt when I started practicing. I want to spread a positive message to the people that follow my journey and inspire me to be the best version of myself.

This is why I love PiMovementNinja. Not only are the Ninja Pants incredibly stylish, but they are the comfiest pants I've ever had. From the colors to the fabric, to the fit; these pants are just one of a kind. But what I love the most about PiMovement is the genuine desire to spread positivity in movement. To want to give back and to care and love those around you.

If I had to choose my favorites? All Blacks, Gray & Blacks, and Boardwalks


Modern Tarzan

Modern Tarzan

ModernTarzan is a well known movement artist who over the passed 3 years has been blowing up on social media and proving his strengths as a top competitor on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior.

His unique and playful media creations will blow your mind and make you laugh at the same time. Besides being a professional ninja Nicholas are a world-renowned Acroyoga performer and instructor.

Shortly after meeting him in person you’ll either find yourself being lifted effortlessly off the ground and or find him handstanding on your shoulders.

He is the definition of a real life super human and doesn't let the everyday obstacles of life slow down his optimistic outlook on the world.


Leah Russel

Leah Russel

A native of Los Angeles, Leah discovered her passion for Acro Yoga and standing acrobatics in 2012. Her youth experience with both gymnastics and cheerleading taught her body awareness, strength, and balance that she has carried with her into adulthood.

In 2016, she became an AcroYoga Fit certified teacher and has incorporated this foundation in her teaching. Leah has taught workshops at some of the world's largest AcroYoga festivals, such as Divine Play in Portland, Oregon and AcroLove in San Diego and Miami. She has also taught internationally at Divine Play Jamaica, as well as in Perth, Australia.

Leah has trained and performed with a collection of talented teachers across many acrobatic styles, and shares her knowledge with others to create a viable practice. Leah is committed to teaching FUNctional and creative fitness and acro workshops all over the world! Find out where she will be next, and join her on her next adventure!